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What is a workflow and why do I need one?

Great question! There are two types of workflows: Application workflows and Base Workflows, and they both serve their own, unique purpose:

Application Workflows

  • Can be used to call up to 5 public + custom models at once 
  • Reduce the amount of code needed 
  • Are tied to a specific application

Base Workflows

  • Are used to optimize any of your custom models and visual search results via all of a base model's pre-existing knowledge
  • Are also tied to a specific application

How many workflows can I have exactly?

You can actually have as many application workflows as you'd like! Base Workflows are limited at one per application, and they need to be set during the app's creation (and cannot be changed later).

I'm getting this error when I try to save my application workflow. Why is that?

Workflow IDs have a specific naming convention of [letters + numbers + no funny characters], so if you're using crazy things like SPACES or UNDERSCORES in your workflow names, please cease this activity at once!

Why are there only 6 models in the Base Workflow dropdown menu?

For reasons that are difficult to explain in a sweet, little paragraph like this one, it is much easier to make our concept models (e.g. General, Food, NSFW, Moderation, Wedding and Travel) bases for your custom models and visual searches than our detection models (e.g. Logo, Celebrity, Demographic, etc). We hope to have the latter soon, but for now it's limited to these 6.

How do I pick which Base Workflow to use? Will this affect my model predictions?

A fair question indeed. You'll essentially want to pick the option that most closely associates to your model and/or images. For example, if you're training a model on food, then you'll want to pick the food one as the base (obviously). For interior rooms of a house - you can pick the travel one. And if you're ever unsure of what to choose, it's always a safe bet to pick the General option as it contains over 11,000 broad concepts (including food and rooms of a house!). 

The Base Model will never alter the concepts of a custom model, and it exists to make your model more optimal by combining the base model's knowledge with yours. They can affect the order of your visual search results, so you won't want to pick something totally unrelated to the content in your images.

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