Not sure about what accounts we offer or what they each entail? You've come to the right place!

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Our Plans

Unverified Email Plan

Congratulations! You've recently signed up for our service and are ready to get your AI gears grinding. At this point you should have received an email from us to verify the address you used on the Signup page, but before you click on the link there you'll be added to the above. This plan:

  • Limits the number of monthly Operations that you can make to 100, and
  • Is the same as the Free Plan otherwise

100 operations isn't really a whole lot, so definitely verify when you get a chance. If you're not finding anything in your inbox or your Spam folder please let us know!

Free Plan

Woohoo! You've verified your email address and now have 5,000 operations to use per month. Along with this, you'll also get:

  • 10 free custom concepts to use in Custom Training
  • 10,000 images to store on our cloud!

You can stay on the Free Plan for as long as you'd like and never have to pay us a dime, if your use case allows for that. But if you need higher limits eventually, you may want to take a ride on our....

Standard Plan

No limits and the freedom of unlimited API calls are the name of this plan's game. Unlike the Free Plan, the Standard one requires a credit card, but like the Free Plan you'll still get all of its perks (e.g. 5,000 operations, 10 custom concepts, 10,000 images on the cloud), which is pretty sweet! Beyond that, the plan:

  • Is pay-as-you-go, without limits. You'll never get throttled and you can make as many API calls as you'd like
  • Costs $1.20 per 1,000 operations beyond the free 5,000, $0.80 per 1,000 inputs beyond the 10k, and $0.46 per custom concept beyond the 10. If you're doing custom predictions with your own model, those will cost you $3.20 per 1,000 calls beyond the free 5,000.

We realize that these costs can add up fast, so if you're making millions of operations per month you'll probably want to explore the....

Dun dun dun....

Enterprise Plan

The grand-daddy of all plans - the Enterprise Plan is best-served for use cases that entail a very large amount of operations per month (at least a million). Our Sales Team will work with you to design a contract that fits your needs and you'll also get prioritized support too!

Feel free to email our Sales Team to get the process started!

Hackathon Plan

Hello Hackers! If you've been given a code for a hackathon and have entered it correctly you'll find yourself with this nifty setup. To enable you to create something magical, we've given this plan:

  • 50,000 lifetime operations
  • 10,000 inputs, and 
  • 50 custom concepts

If you're working on a really cool (and complex) project and need more than this, please let us know! 

Invalid Plan

A bit like Monopoly's "Go To Jail" chance card - the Invalid Plan means that our system sensed some sort of fraudulent activity on your end and automatically capped your account at 100 operations. It's not always 100% right, so if this is a mistake than feel free to contact our Support Team, but if it *is* then you may want to consider upgrading to our Standard Tier (see above) 😃 

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